Hubzilla Documentation:


What is Hubzilla?
Hubzilla is a decentralized communication and publishing platform that enables you to keep in control of your communication needs by automatic encryption and finely grained access control. It's you, and only you who decides who is allowed to see your stuff.

Hubzilla Features

Hubzilla is already running as a global distributed network and proves its versatility and scalability from standalone to huge sites on a daily basis.
Think of standalone family communication platforms, distributed online communities, support forums, blogs and homepages. Or professional content providers with commercial premium channels and targeted content acces. Whatever you want, Hubzilla is there to cater to your creativity.

Got Zot? Well, you should.
Zot is the great new communicaton protocol invented especially for Hubzilla. As a member you are no longer bound to a single site or hub thanks to "Nomadic Identities". Migrate easily to another server and keep your contacts intact, or clone it and run the same channel on several servers. Just in case one of them might shut down, you don't lose out. Plus once you are inside Hubzilla there is no need for you to authenticate twice, even when accessing another Hubzilla site. Zot is what sets Hubzilla apart.